Another lager launches soon…

Our first lager, Hoppy Pils, was a big learning experience for us. We not only filtered the beer to be very clear, crisp and smooth, but also double dry-hopped it using a new technique. We loved it and so did all those who love good beers! We couldn’t wait to launch another.

This one, a Marzen that is typically served during Oktoberfest that takes place in Munich, Germany is rich & malty, smooth and deeply flavourful. Until now, we couldn’t brew this beer because there was no equivalent to the Munich and Vienna malts that go into this brew. We do roast our own malts and have done so for our beers like Kaapi Stout, IPA etc., but we were waiting for our Indian maltster to produce these. They have arrived and are fabulous (try the beer and let us know on twitter) and we are really kicked out it.

Indian malts have always been our go to raw-material for the beers we make. Why? Because we see no point in paying 5x the price for imported malts that have perhaps a 20% more yield. From a drinker’s perspective, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference because there is NO DIFFERENCE. It is a matter of choice. Imported malts have a larger variety because the brewing industry is hundreds of years old in Europe. But throwing the kitchen sink into the brew doesn’t make a good beer. Ever heard of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’? Well, too many malts don’t necessarily make good beer. The brewer does! And when he keeps it simple (Keep it Simple Stupid), the brews are the best.

Prost! As they say in German and watch out for more brews in the future made with these malts.

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