Explorer Series

It was always our intention to change one beer and replace it with a new one and we have done exactly that for the last 2 years. Think IPA, Westcoast IPA, Lost Monday, Summersault etc. Explorer Series are experimental, seasonal and one-off brews that change frequently. Ask your server which Explorer beer they have on tap! Available at our Explorer Tap Bars only !

Our Beers

Bhut Jholakia Cider

What works well with something sweet and delicious? Well, chilly of course! And that too, none other than the infamous Bhut Jholakia!

Explorer Tap Bars

Four Hop IPA

Four different hops from the US find their way into our Four Hop IPA. Each hop has a little bit of history and a fan following that either hates us or loves us for each new iteration!

Explorer Tap Bars

Sunshine Kolsch

Brewed using top-fermenting yeast, this light yellow, straw-like hybrid of a lager & an ale.

Explorer Tap Bars

Tamarind Wit

Tamarind adds a touch of sourness to the beer and complements the light, refreshing nature of the brew.

Taproom Exclusive

Brewer’s American Pale Ale

Unfiltered to retain the goodness of yeast and optimum hop character, this pale ale is the quintessential American style pale ale.

Cayenne Guava Mead

Our Guava mead takes a leaf from our Guava ale (aka Punch nu ale) and showcases guava & cayenne pepper amidst the sweetness of natural honey.


The beer is deep brown in colour with an extremely rich & malty sweet taste that reminds you of candied bacon! Vegetarians, fear not, there is no bacon in this!

Nimbu Pani Ale

What would you call a beer that is tart, citrusy, a bit salty and very refreshing? In other words, very similar to Nimbu Paani! NIMBU PAANI ALE of course!

Citra IPA

Dry hopped Citra IPA with hints of raw mango, lime and subtle flavour of lychee with a good whack of bitterness.

Cream Stout

Inspired by the classic Irish stout that is so popular across the world, this version is not as dry and bitter but has the classic roastiness!


Beautifully balanced lager that has a malt-forward profile which showcases toasty & caramel-like flavours.

Valencia Orange

Sweet oranges from Valencia, California have been infused during the brewing process in this wheat beer.

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