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Get these while you can because we do change our beers regularly and sometimes very quickly – True- to- style ales & bold lagers, locally inspired & imaginatively brewed with our proprietary malts. Explore & Savour.

Our Beers
Taproom Exclusive

As Vienna As It Gets

This lager is what a lager should be! Rich, flavourful with a depth that shames the ‘yellow liquid’ they call beer.

Taproom Exclusive

Belgian Wit

Tamarind adds a touch of sourness to the beer and complements the light, refreshing nature of the brew.

Explorer Tap Bars

Dead Beet Ale

Beets have been slain. Now their blood is in your hands! Limited release Halloween ale.

Taproom Exclusive

Punch Nu Ale

Cold pressed guava & pineapple find their way into this ‘punch’ of an ale made with wheat & barley malts along with lemon, rock salt and cayenne pepper.

Taproom Exclusive

Legal Alien – IPA

Keeping with the traditional IPAs, we have made this one to be flavourful and at the same time, bitter & aromatic with a subtle balance!

Woodside Inn Exclusive

Mocha Stout

A collaboration between Independence Brewing Co. & ourselves where we have taken the goodness of our Kaapi Stout and blended it with IBC’s chocolate stout, Ixcacao.

Taproom Exclusive

Monk’s Potion

Amber hued Belgian style ale crafted with spice inducing yeast and roasted coriander & Earl grey tea.

Across Bars

White Zen

Having been brewed to style, bearing hints of clove and banana which makes for an enjoyable and easy beer to drink.

Across Bars


This beer, inspired from a classic German dunkelweizen, is strangely familiar to its predecessor, White Zen.

Across Bars


Yellow in colour, this lightly carbonated cider showcases the sweetness and mildly tart notes of Lal Ambri apples from Kashmir.

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