Rahul Mehra – Redefining the craft beer scene

Sometime in early 2011, Rahul Mehra, then posted in the Delhi office of TJUK Trade Networks, a food distribution company, was helping his Am... Read More

Happy Anniversary to us

In January 2014, after 3 years of struggle, we finally launched our beers so that our customers could drink locally crafted international s... Read More

We Got Covered!

It’s been two months since we launched Gateway beers and are quite happy with the way things have been going. Available in 7 bars in Mumba... Read More

A New Gateway for Beers

Check out our coverage on Indian Wine List.... Read More

Gateway Beers Now Flowing…

We were itching to write this post and tell everyone that our beers are flowing. The itch has been scratched now! Three beers on tap at W... Read More GBC To Launch Craft brews thid month

Featured on Gateway Brewing Co. is ready to give our city a taste of their home-grown India pale ale, session ale, and ... Read More

GBC Beers. Coming soon…

Time to drink? Hopefully if all goes well with our licensing, beers will be available end of October or even earlier. Until then, explore ou... Read More

Beer Testing with Russell from Northern Monk

One of the perks of setting up a brewery is meeting with other brewers and tasting their beers. On a recent visit, Russell from Northern Mo... Read More

Our story

Our story actually goes way back to 2006. Yes 2006. This is when Navin, aka IndianBeerGeek stared blogging about his home brewed beers. Per... Read More

GBC Proprietary Malts

Malted Barley (malt) forms the backbone of good beer. Malt can be broadly categorized as Base Malt and Specialty Malt. Some examples of spec... Read More

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