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It’s our 3rd anniversary and we and are Thrilled!

When we were planning to start our business, we spoke to many people: restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and a few people from the beer industry. While restaurate... Read More

Gateway Beers Now Flowing…

We were itching to write this post and tell everyone that our beers are flowing. The itch has been scratched now! Three beers on tap at WoodSideInn and Bonob... Read More

Our story

Our story actually goes way back to 2006. Yes 2006. This is when Navin, aka IndianBeerGeek stared blogging about his home brewed beers. Perhaps, this blog stil... Read More

GBC Proprietary Malts

Malted Barley (malt) forms the backbone of good beer. Malt can be broadly categorized as Base Malt and Specialty Malt. Some examples of specialty malt are Biscu... Read More

Brewhouse. Our Very Own!

Did not think we would end up fabricating the brewhouse but eventually had to. Better control on what we wanted rather than highly detailed brewhouse that many ... Read More

It Gets real!

We have come a long way from the first ‘hello world’ post in March, 2011 and while the going has been tough, things are starting to get Real! When we signed... Read More

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