GBC Proprietary Malts

Malted Barley (malt) forms the backbone of good beer. Malt can be broadly categorized as Base Malt and Specialty Malt. Some examples of specialty malt are Biscuit Malt, Crystal Malt, Chocolate Malt & Black Patent Malt. Specialty malts are used to add flavours to beer based on the beer style. For e.g. A Brown Porter has a distinct toffee flavour that is derived from a combination of Chocolate and Crystal malt, a Stout has its distinct roastiness as a dominant flavour derived from roasted barley.

GBC Proprietary Malts Most

craft breweries procure their malt supplies from maltsters. We decided to take our craft to the next level and make our own specialty malt. Our brewery has a drum roaster where we roast our base malt at different temperatures and make our proprietary malts. Our Like That Only beer uses GBC Biscuit malt and our IPA is brewed with GBC Crystal Malt.

The malt roasting process with the drum roaster went through a lot of fun trials till we nailed down the process steps for each of our specialty malts. The GBC drum roaster has opened up endless possibilities in creating unique flavourful malts, which will allow us to brew beers with wonderful flavour combinations.

We have plans to smoke our malts, spice up our malts by roasting them with Indian wood and spices, infusing the malts with flavours that will find their way into GBC’s craft brews. Imagine roasting malts with Cinnamon Sticks. Wouldn’t Cinnamon flavour be great in a Chocolate Stout?

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