Dead Beet Ale

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Dead Beet Ale

Pumpkins be doomed! This Halloween savour the wrath of the Dead Beet!

As the moon shines, bright in the dead of the night, be wary of the impending fright that lurks behind the screams, shrieks and the deadly howls.

Strictly meant for those who have crossed over the trick-or-treat age, this bright red ale bleeds the cardinal essence of beetroot to personify the eccentricity that is Halloween. For the subtle aroma to linger and bitterness to balance perfectly, we defied rules by infusing hops midway in the brutal boiling process. Behold! For this beer might corner you off-guard as it hums eerie earth notes of beetroot and whispers hints of berries in perfect unison.

Devour the last of drops, only to find yourself possessed and yearning for more.

  • Style
  • Hybrid
  • ABV
  • >5%
  • Hops
  • Chinook
  • Malt + Additives
  • 100% Base Barley + Beets
  • 3
  • /
  • 5
Malt 60%
  • 2
  • /
  • 5
Malt 40%
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