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Dark Horse

Designed specially for our 3rd anniversary, this beer is Big, Bold, Bitter & Black.

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White Zen

Having been brewed to style, bearing hints of clove and banana which makes for an enjoyable and easy beer to drink.

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This beer, inspired from a classic German dunkelweizen, is strangely familiar to its predecessor, White Zen.

Easy Come Easy Go IPA

This IPA could possibly be one of the most sessionable IPA’s on tap today even though it stands at a solid 6.5% ABV.

Cinnamon Cider

Special infusion of cinnamon to add that extra bit of spice and warmth to the holiday season.

Festive Ale – Diwali in a glass…

Indulge in the festive spirit this season with our special Diwali brew – Festive Ale.

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