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Belgian Golden Ale

Light gold in colour and highly effervescent, this beer has hints of fruit and spice and is well hopped to balance the sweetness.

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Bohemian Pilsner

Originally a lager made in the city of Pilzen and hence called Pilsner, this new brew is a recreation of the classic. It is crisp, malty with a well-rounded bitterness.

Royal Fantasy Stout

We have been inspired by the classic Irish stout that is so popular across the world, but our version is richer in every aspect.

Santa’s Flight

Santa’s flight is deep copper to brown in colour, has a rich malty and caramel sweetness with hints of raisins and nuts.

Hoppy Mead

Made with natural honey, this mead also has hops, the essential aromatic used in beers!

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Four Hop IPA

Four different hops from the US find their way into our Four Hop IPA. Each hop has a little bit of history and a fan following that either hates us or loves us for each new iteration!

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Tamarind Wit

Tamarind adds a touch of sourness to the beer and complements the light, refreshing nature of the brew.

Brewer’s American Pale Ale

Unfiltered to retain the goodness of yeast and optimum hop character, this pale ale is the quintessential American style pale ale.

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White Zen

Having been brewed to style, bearing hints of clove and banana which makes for an enjoyable and easy beer to drink.

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This beer, inspired from a classic German dunkelweizen, is strangely familiar to its predecessor, White Zen.

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Yellow in colour, this lightly carbonated cider showcases the sweetness and mildly tart notes of Lal Ambri apples from Kashmir.

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Sunshine Kolsch

Brewed using top-fermenting yeast, this light yellow, straw-like hybrid of a lager & an ale.

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