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B’day Cake Stout

B’day Cake Stout has notes of coffee, toffee, cinnamon along with a sweetness enhanced by generous additions of real vanilla and milk sugar.

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White Zen

Having been brewed to style, bearing hints of clove and banana which makes for an enjoyable and easy beer to drink.

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Yellow in colour, this lightly carbonated cider showcases the sweetness and mildly tart notes of Lal Ambri apples from Kashmir.

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This beer, inspired from a classic German dunkelweizen, is strangely familiar to its predecessor, White Zen.

Nimbu Pani Ale

What would you call a beer that is tart, citrusy, a bit salty and very refreshing? In other words, very similar to Nimbu Paani! NIMBU PAANI ALE of course!

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Citra IPA

Dry hopped Citra IPA with hints of raw mango, lime and subtle flavour of lychee with a good whack of bitterness.

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